Latest News:

Jets may fly again

Date:2018-08-17 11:29:15

From Thursday 16th August, the suspension of Jet flying is lifted.  Many thanks to Jet Flyers for their patience.

Data Protection

Date:2018-05-28 15:33:18

We have made some changes to our procedures to reflect new Data Protection regulations.  You can see your rights by looking at our Privacy Policy - this can be viewed by clicking on the item in the menu at the bottom of our website pages.  Please note that, even though you may have provided an email address when you joined the Club, you will NOT automatically receive emails from the Club, as the regulations demand that you give a separate consent for us to send you emails.  You can do this by logging in to the Members area, where you will find a click-through for "Email Signup".  Only you can decide if you want to do this - if you decide not to, you will need to check the Club News in the Members area to find out about events and changes at the Club.

New Gate Code

Date:2017-05-11 09:33:44

A new gate code has been advised to all Members on our email list.  If you do not know the new code yet, please click on Contact above and send a message asking for the new code.


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