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Date:2022-05-07 07:49:10

The defibrillator has now been hung in the club hut and it is operational and ready to use.  You should notice a green flashing light every 5 to 10 seconds on the front of the unit and this tells you that its internal checks are OK and the unit is ready.  Obviously, this is a serious piece of kit only to be used in an emergency, please do not take it out of its bag or play with it in any way to see how it works.  Your committee will carry out any required checks to ensure the unit is working but if you see a red light flashing on the front, please immediately inform any committee member.

The unit is designed to be used with no training.  All you have to do is take it out of its bag, switch it on, and follow the verbal instructions.  If you want to know more about how it works or what to do, there is an instruction booklet in the rear blue part of the bad.  Please DO NOT run any checks or diagnostics on the unit just to see what happens.

If you do not have a key to the club hut, and therefore can't access the defibrillator for your own or anyone else's use, please consider having a key.  See any committee member at the field and they can supply you with a key for a £10 deposit.

If you have any questions about the Defibrillator or want more information, please contact our Chairman, John Greenfield.

Live Wind Monitoring

Date:2020-11-02 08:53:09

Live Wind Monitoring from the patch is now functioning again.  Click HERE to access the Phoenix page on the WeatherFile website.  When you first access this page, you may find that windspeed is being shown in metres per second - click on Settings (on mobile devices click on Menu first) and change Wind Speed Units to Miles Per Hour.  Save the page as a favourite.  The table data is quite useful to indicate the current trend - if you set the selection to "Last 24 hours", that is a good starting point.  We plan to get this data displayed directly in the Members Area eventually.


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